Twitter official account for Hochi Shoujo: 〜 Hyakkaryōran no Moe Hime-tachi 〜 (Abandoned Girl: Moe Princesses of the Hundred Flowers) announced that Sumire Kanzaki will appear in-game as a guest character. Players will be able to obtain Sumire’s unit from March 9 through March 15, at 23:59 JST (3/15/2020 at 10:59AM EDT / 7:59AM PDT).

Houchi Shoujo App IconAccording to the tweet, Michie Tomizawa will return to reprise her role as Sumire Kanzaki.

Houchi Shoujo is rated M for audiences aged 17+. The title, which is a strategy game by C4 Connect, Inc., launched on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platfoms in 2018. The game’s official store listing describes it as:

Let’s form bonds and advance the plot! Following the story of the Three Kingdoms! Easy to play, just “Abandon”! Gather the heroes of this turbulent world and lead them to victory with your strategies!

Let’s dive into the world of forgotten maidens right now!


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