On September 27, translator burntends revealed a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Sakura Wars GB fan translation. The 30-second trailer features several examples of translated dialogue, as well as the interface during training segments.

According to burntends, the team is roughly 75% complete, though a releaes date has yet to be announced by the team.

About Sakura Wars GB

Box art for Sakura Wars GBSakura Wars GB was released for Nintendo’s Game Boy Color handheld on July 28, 2000 as part of the Sakura 2000 Project. The title, which was developed by Jupiter, was published by Media Factory.

In Sakura Wars GB, players are placed in the role of a new recruit to the Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division. Players are assigned to be the provisional captain of the unit for one month. During that period, they will bond with the members of the Flower Division, and aim to become a better leader than Ichiro Ogami as they work toward completing their officer graduation exam.

Gameplay is based on the Adventure portions of the main series, with the story and character interactions being delivered through dialogue. Choices are made via LIPS prompts, and character training segments play out as minigames. Players who own the Pocket Sakura virtual pet can transfer data between the game and the device for in-game bonuses.