On December 25, Avex Pictures’ official YouTube channel updated with a new video for Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage. The ten-minute video features English subtitles and provides a digest of the events of the play.

In addition, the latter half of the video features live performances of Star Tanjo (Birth of a Star) and Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan <Shinsho>

Sakura Wars the Stage opened on November 19, and will ran through November 23. A second show, Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage ~Sakura Uta no Utage~ will be held at Tokyo’s Hulic Hall on March 21, 2021.


Sakura Wars the Stage cast visual featuring Sakura Amamiya in a blue kimono and pink hakama.

Sakura Amamiya (Yuna Sekine)

The confirmed cast includes:

  • Sakura Amamiya: Yuna Sekine
  • Hatsuho Shinonome: Rina Takahashi
  • Azami Mochizuki: Yui Kanchiku
  • Anastasia Palma: Juri Hirayu
  • Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake: Natsume Oki
  • Sumire Kanzaki: Moemi Katayama