Update, 1/8/2021, 4:10PM EST: Business Journal updated their article on January 8, 2021, stating that their writer had sourced YouTube channel Nakaido for their initial information. They have since cross-referenced with industry analysts Game-i for the revenue figures. Unfortunately, as we can no longer stand by Business Journal’s reliability and are unable to determine the veracity of these reports, we are issuing a full retraction of this story. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Business Journal’s full statement is below:

This article includes a compilation of views and opinion from game reviewers Nakaido who, in a commentary video uploaded on December 20, 2020, had the opportunity to interview industry stakeholders again. However, there were comments and expressions that lacked citation. We offer our apologies to Nakaido and, after obtaining their consent, have quoted the video and added/updated our content to reflect this.

On January 5, Japanese business news site Business Journal posted a report on Sakura Revolution: Maidens In Bloom‘s (Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi) first-month earnings. According to the report, the game earned a total of 73.5 million yen ($707,658 USD) against an estimated development budget of 3 billion yen ($28,881,000.00 USD). On average, the title ranked 215th in revenues on average.

In comparison, Delightworks’ Fate/Grand Order earns between 3 and 8 billion yen ($28.8 million – $77 million USD) per month.

Sakura Revolution ONA Still - A woman with a pink coat and long black hair stands before a window. Her arms are folder as her face shows a look of disdain.

According to Business Journal, Sakura Revolution faced criticism from long-time Sakura Wars fans, who criticized the title’s stylistic changes as early as the game’s announcement. A Sega Sammy Holdings also official offered comment, stating that he has heard criticism from the development community due to Delightworks’ lengthy in-game character growth requirements, poor graphics, an “obsolete strategy”, and low gacha probabilities.

Sakura Revolution launched on December 15. On December 22, Sega Sammy announced that the title had reached 500,000 downloads.

About Sakura Revolution

A still from Sakura Kakumei, which features several woman (and one man) posing for a photo in a busy square.

Sakura Revolution is a mobile RPG that’s being developed by Delightworks (Fate/Grand Order). The title was originally announced via two dueling projects: Sega’s Project B.L.A.C.K. and Delightworks’ Nippon Dakkan, before both were revealed to be one and the same during a live streaming event on September 2, 2020.


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