At the end of their 18:00 show on September 26, the Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage cast announced that a sequel to 2019’s Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage play is in the works.

The production, titled Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage ~Two Flames~ will be held at Tokyo’s Theatre 1010, from December 17 – 19, 2021. Six performances are planned for the show, two of which will be held on each day.

The new production will introduce the Shanghai and London Combat Revues, though no firm plot details have been announced as of press time.

Staff and Cast

Masami Ito will direct the show and write the screenplay, and Sakura Wars series composer Kohei Tanaka will write the musical score.

The confirmed cast includes:

  • Yuna Sekine (Sakura Amamiya)
  • Rina Takahashi (Hatsuho Shinonome)
  • Yui Kanchiku (Azami Mochizuki)
  • Juri Hirayu (Anastasia Palma)
  • Natsume Oki (Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake)
  • Moemi Katayama (Sumire Kanzaki)
  • Mariko Honjo (Yang Xiaolong)
  • Nishida Hirai (Yui Huang)
  • Kaede (Arthur)
  • Honoha Komatsu (Lancelot)


Tickets for all six shows are now on sale via online marketplace Rakuten. Three tiers of seating are available:

  • S Class (First Floor): 11,000 yen ($99.32 USD)
  • A Class (First Floor): 8,400 yen ($75.84 USD)
  • B Class (Second Floor): 6,800 yen ($61.40 USD)

As of press time, a digital edition has not been announced.


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Update 9/26/2021, 11:18AM EDT: Fixed typo in Moemi Katayama’s name