The team at mobile game developer DelightWorks (Fate/Grand Order) is getting ready to raise the curtain on their upcoming Project “Nippon Dakkan”. Before their big reveal on Wednesday, though, the publisher has taken to Twitter to stream a trio of character trailers for the title.

Each 15-second teaser begins with a stage curtain being drawn, before cutting to a brief introduction by one of the three confirmed cast members.

Shino Sakura

Fuka Aoshima

Asebi Mikohama

Character design from Delightworks' Nippon Dakkan, which depicts a woman with short hair, clad in a pink kimono and hakama.

Shino Sakura

Delightworks describes Project “Nippon Dakkan” as:

One maiden said, “Bring happiness to Japan with our songs”

One maiden said, “I shall dry the tears of everyone in Japan.”

One maiden yelled, “Be sure to take Japan back–”

At its heart, there was once an unfinished maiden, who called [redacted] as her mother. I’ll make Japan more beautiful, and more fun”

The maiden revives [redacted] with the help of the commander she met in Aogashima.

“I’m going to bring everyone’s happiness back, just like my mother.

Set out on a journey to regain Japan, with the dreams of maidens across the country.

We should note that, as of press time, neither Sega nor DelightWorks have confirmed that Project “Nippon Dakkan” is part of the Sakura Wars franchise. That said, the Fate/Grand Order developer will host a streaming presentation for the title on September 2, at 20:00 JST (7:00AM EDT, 4:00AM PDT), which will reveal more details.