Tomorrow, Sega and DelightWorks are pulling the curtains back on their latest projects. Sega’s Project B.L.A.C.K. and DelightWorks’ Project “Nippon Dakkan” will both be going live at 20:00 JST (7:00AM EDT / 4:00AM PDT). Both shows have a couple of ways to watch, with both Sega and DelightWorks partnering with VTubers from HoloLive, who will host streams as official supporters.

Project B.L.A.C.K.

Project BLACK logo

About the Event

Sega has remained coy on the format and hosts for their streaming event, offering only a brief teaser blurb:

We’re officially unveiling the all-new Project B.L.A.C.K. on September 2, 2020.

These artists – known as B.L.A.C.K. – tirelessly sing and fight for the future of Japan.

In their repertoire are supremely mesmerizing songs and dances by a dozen ace performers known as the ‘Noble 12’.

So what is Project B.L.A.C.K.?

On September 2, the hidden truths will be revealed…

Official Supporter

Sega will  partner with Virtual YouTuber Houshou Marine to promote Project an official supporter.

Notice announcing that Sega will partner with VTuber Houshou Marine to promote Project B.L.A.C.K.

Marine is a third generation VTuber, who made her debut on August 11, 2019. Over the course of her career, the virtual streamer’s hosted numerous Sakura Wars play sessions, as well as a watch party for Sakura Wars: The Radiant Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms OVA.

Where to Watch It


Sega will host a live presentation for Project B.L.A.C.K. on their YouTube channel.  The event is slated to go live at 20:00 JST (7:00AM EDT / 4:00AM PDT)

Houshou Marine

Marine’s stream will kick off a half hour earlier than Sega’s, at 19:30 JST (6:30AM EDT / 3:30AM PDT).

Nippon Dakkan

About the Event

Notice announcing the details of Delightworks' reveal stream for Project Nippon Dakkan.

DelightWorks’ event will be hosted by Moeka Kishimoto (Shino Sakura), Ayu Matsuura (Fuka Aoshima), and a third unnamed guest. The developer posted the offered the following teaser blurb about the event’s content:

Work has begun on smartphone RPG ‘Nippon Dakkan.’ Details on the project will be revealed through this live presentation.

Official Supporter

DelightWorks is partnering with Virtual YouTuber Fubuki Shirakami as an official ambassador for Nippon Dakkan.

Notice announcing that Delightworks will partner with VTuber Fubuki Shirakami to promote Nippon Dakkan

Fubuki is a first-generation VTuber, who made her debut on June 1, 2018. Within Hololive, she works as a part of the Gamers unit, alongside Inugami Korone , Ookami Mio, and Nekomata Okayu.

She has gone on to attract more than 836,000 subscribers since her debut. She’s hosted numerous Fate/Grand Order streams over the course of her career, and has been featured as a guest at 2019’s official Fate/Grand Order fan event in Shanghai, China.

Where to Watch It


DelightWorks will host a live presentation for Nippon Dakkan on their YouTube channel and Periscope. The event is scheduled to begin at 20:00 JST (7:00AM EDT / 4:00AM PDT)

Fubuki Shirakami

Fubuki’s stream will launch a half-hour earlier than DelightWorks’, at 19:30 JST (6:30AM EDT / 3:30AM PDT).