On May 13, the Ueno Tourism Board announced that they will host a Sakura Wars stage show as part of their annual midsummer festivities. The show, titled Sakura Wars Summer Festival: Warriors of Flowers – Kai (Sakura Taisen Manatsu no Fesu, Hana no Senshi – Kai), will be a one-day presentation on July 18, 2021.

The visual for the event features Chisa Yokoyama dressed as Sakura Shinguji, posing against a multicolored background.

Key Visual for the Sakura Fes 2021 show, held by the Ueno Tourism Board


Eight cast members and six dancers are confirmed for the show.


  • Chisa Yokoyama (Sakura Shinguji)
  • Mayumi Tanaka (Kanna Kirishima)
  • Youichi Nishimura (Yantaro Nishimura)
  • Velo Takeda (Beromucho Takeda)
  • Kenta Uehara
  • Hikaru Takahashi
  • Kazuhisa Sato
  • Jō Takeda

Velo Takeda and Yoichi Nishimura are members of the “Dandy Shokai” acting troupe, which is advised by Sakura Wars series creator Oji Hiroi, and led by Velo Takeda. The group has made numerous appearances in Sakura Wars stage shows and OVAs as the affable Dandy Gang.


  • Tomoko Inami
  • Yoshifumi Aoi
  • Nao Maimiya
  • Minako Mochizuki
  • Hiroko Yokoyama
  • Yukie Kasahara


Sakura Wars Summer Festival: Warriors of Flowers – Kai will be a one-night show, held on July 18, at 18:00 JST (5:00AM EDT / 2:00AM PDT) at the Ueno Park Amphitheater Outdoor Stage’s Mizukami Concert Hall. According to Chisa Yokoyama’s website, the show will have attendance capped at below 50%, due to COVID-19 emergency declarations, as well as temperature checks and contact tracing requirements.

Early ticket sales will be held from May 22 – 29. CN Play Guide will begin selling tickets from June 11 – 14. General ticket sales will open on June 26. The show will also be available via digital distribution.


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