Earlier today, Sakura Wars fan translation team member NoahSteam announced that a fan translation for Sakura Wars 2 is in the works. A demo for the project, as well as a trailer and several promotional screenshots were released for the release.


The two-minute teaser previews the English translation, as a narrator explains the game’s premise.



The demo patch, which has been uploaded to SegaXTreme, translates the Sakura Wars 2 Special Edition Demo special edition demo.

The Team

The Sakura Wars 2 fan translation team includes the following members:

  • NoahSteam (Project Lead, Programmer, Graphics Modification)
  • MattoBii (Translation Lead, Translator, Editor, Graphics Modification)
  • TrekkiesUnite118 (Programmer, Graphics Modification)
  • CrouchingMouse (Translation, Editor)
  • Natsume38 (Translation, Editor)
  • MatatabiMitsu (Translation)
  • Neko (Translation)
  • Bowl of Lentils (Lead Editor)
  • TheOpponent (Graphics Modification)
  • Joqu (Graphics Modification)
  • Burntends (Editor, Talent Recruitment)
  • CJ Iwakura (Talent Recruitment)

Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die was originally released for the Sega Saturn on April 4, 1998. The title is a direct sequel to the original Sakura Wars, set in the year 1925. As the Imperial Combat Revue faces their newest threat in the form of the Black Demons, they must also endure increasing external pressures from political forces.

Sakura Wars 2 saw a refinement to the core gameplay systems introduced in the original, with an enhanced battle engine and adventure mode interface, and several new LIPS prompts. On a narrative level, the game introduced several several iconic characters, including Reni Milchstrasse, Soletta Orihime and Kaede Fujieda.

Red Company and Sega’s CS Research & Development No. 2 division developed the title, with Oji Hiroi serving as producer. Tomoyuki Ito was the chief director on the project, while Hidenori Matsubara and KĊsuke Fujishima provided character designs. Satoru Akahori wrote the scenario, and Kohei Tanaka scored the soundtrack.

In its first week of sales, Sakura Wars 2 sold more than 500,000 units. It would go on to become the fifth-selling Saturn game of all time, with 577,000 copies sold by August 1998.