Cover for Shin Sakura Taisen the Comic Volume 1; Sakura Amamiya - a brown-haired woman in a blue-and-pink kimono, smiles confidently as she unsheathes a sword.On December 6, manga fan translation group The MeiGumi released the first chapter of Shin Sakura Taisen the Comic to online distributors. The circle is composed of three members:

  • MeanJojo (Translator & Redraws)
  • Skeith (Editor)
  • Small Nerd (Letterer)

They describe themselves as:

Hello, a new group who formed with the purpose of translating the Shin Sakura Taisen The Comic/ Sakura Wars The Comic. A bit on the amateur side, so please go a bit easy on us.

As of press time, no western manga publishers have announced that they licensed the title for an official release.

Shin Sakura Taisen the comic is a retelling of the 2019 Sakura Wars video game, told through the perspective of Sakura Amamiya. The series, which ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine from September 12, 2019 through June 25, 2020, spans 31 chapters which were compiled in three volumes. The team of Jiro Ishii, Tite Kubo and Takaaki Suzuki is credited for the story, while Koyuri Noguchi served as illustrator on the project.

Disclosure: Skeith was a member of the Sakura Revolution Archive Project team.