One year ago today, the Sakura Wars fan community said goodbye to Sakura Revolution: Maidens in Bloom (Sakura Kakumei: Hana Saku Otome-tachi). It was a bittersweet time, met with a profound melancholy among the fans who had fallen in love with this new take on the franchise’s Taisho timeline, and the rolling Katamari of dorks that had sprung up within the world. To see it vanish, without a trace, was almost unthinkable for us.

Over the course of the past year, members of the Combat Revue Revue, as well as industrious members of the fan community, have been hard at work compiling everything we could to keep this charming adventure alive, in some shape or form.

Today, I’m proud to announce that our journey is now complete; the Sakura Revolution Archive is finished, and it’s being uploaded to The Internet Archive as we speak. More than 21,000 screenshots, banners, artwork, hundreds of video files, more than fifty music tracks, and even a complete, interactive recreation of the official Sakura Kakumei website have been completed, in the name of preserving every possible scrap of content that we could.

A screenshot of the Internet Archive.


This was the product of literally hundreds of person-hours of labor, and far too many sleepless nights than we can count, but our sincere hope is that folks can browse, explore, and enjoy; that they can come to adore this quirky adventure about a whole new generation of psychic song girls fighting against fate to revive the Imperial Combat Revue.

And this wouldn’t be possible without the members of our team – LettuceKitteh, Ozaline, Skeith, and myself, nor would we be able to come close to completing this without the aid of so many members of our community.

To all those who contributed, or are just popping in to check things out, thank you, for helping to keep the memory of Sakura Kakumei alive and well. We hope that you will keep finding new things to enjoy and surprise you, as we upload more to the archive over the coming days.

After all, so long as someone remembers, the characters can live on.

 – SEGA producer Taku Kihara

The Sakura Kakumei Archive is Available on The Internet Archive.