On July 20 at 13:00 JST (7/20/2021 at 12:00AM EDT, 7/19/2021 at 9:00PM PDT), service for Sega and Delight Works’ Sakura Revolution: Hana Saku Otome-tachi officially shut down. The title’s main gameplay functions were deactivated, and all access to the application were disabled.

An update for the app was released later in the day, bringing the final version to 1.8.0. The update switches the game to a Limited Function version, which includes the following features:

  • Character Model Viewer
  • Story, Music, And Movie Viewers
  • Character Data Collection
  • Alternate Costume Viewer

The viewers include all playable characters and story segments, regardless of player progress through the main game. However, if a player has not played through the tutorial by July 20, they will be unable to choose their commander’s gender, and the name will default to “Yoshitaka Oishi.”

The final application, with the limited data bundle, weighs in at about 5.2GB.

In addition to the Limited Function version of the game, Sega began offering refunds for previously purchased Spirit Crystals. Players will be able to request a refund on their remaining Spirit Crystals through October 18, at 13:00 JST (10/18/2021 at 12:00AM EDT, 10/17/2021 at 9:00PM PDT). Refunds may take up to two months to process, and are limited only to paid Spirit Crystals.

Refunds cannot be granted to oveseas accounts.

The official Sakura Revolution website also updated with an eighth and final letter from the producer Taku Kihara and creative director Daisuke Ike, which we’ve provided in their entirety below. In their letters, both Kihara and Ike thank players for their support, and discuss their experiences on the project. Kihara and Ike both thanked the original creators for their support on the project, and experessed an interest in possibly reviving the characters at some point, in the future.

Screenshot from Sakura Revolution showing the Victory Pose from the Kyushu region.

Taku Kihara

Thanks to all of the commanders who played Sakura Revolution ~Hana Saku Otome-tachi~ through to the end. I’m Taku Kihara, the producer.

The service ended today, July 20th. From the time that we announced the end of service date through today, we were able to play with far more customers than we were expecting. We are truly grateful to the fans who loved this work.

I’d also like to thank those involved for allowing us to announce an end of service date, produce updates after we suspended the purchase of Spirit Crystals, and produce the Limited Function version of the game.

Sakura Revolution is a project that was launched as a new form of Sakura Wars. All of the characters are new, and the game is set in the year Taisho 100, though we aimed to have many learn about and enjoy Sakura Wars, by introducing elements that make you feel that Sakura Wars vibe, even though it’s in a new form.

I’ve been involved with the project since the very beginning and, based on my past experience in developing IP titles, I was granted unfathomable freedom. It was all possible, thanks to the support and understanding of the people who created the series. Furthermore, I’d like to thank all the people who produced a number of songs that genuinely moved me, even on the tight schedules I kept as a music producer.

And last, but not least, thank you so much, for playing this game.

I hope the community that formed around this work will live on. I hope that you’ll launch the Limited Version from time to time, when you remember.

After all, so long as someone remembers, the characters can live on.

PS: The messages you’ve sent are definitely reaching us. Nothing’s been decided and I can’t promise anything. But someday, somewhere, somehow, I’d like to bring the characters and music of Sakura Revolution back into the world.

Producer of Sakura Revolution ~Hana Saku Otome-tachi~

Sega, Co.

Taku Kihara

Daisuke Ike


Thank you for playing Sakura Revolution ~Hana Saku Otome-tachi~.

I’m [Daksuke] Ike, the Creative Director

Today is the day that the service comes to an end.

I’d like to thank all of you commanders for your many comments, and the fact that so many of you are still playing.

Thank you very much.

Just a few years ago, after seeing the project as “In the 100th year of the Taisho era, a new Sakura,” I can’t help but feel that we were able to come this far thanks to the the support of so many people, even when we challenged people with all-new stories and new characters, we were supported by the warmth of Sakura.

Commanders, and series creators, I’d like to thank all of you who supported us.

And thank you so much to the voice actors who brought these characters to life, and sometimes cooperated with us with everything that had in our broadcasts.

Someday, after the end credits have rolled.

I don’t know what that day would look like, but I’d be more than happy if Shino, Fuuka, and Asebi could remain in the memories of you commanders until the day we all meet again.

Finally, once again, thank you so much.

I’m genuinely thankful to you.

Creative Director of Sakura Revolution ~Hana Saku Otome-tachi~

Delightworks Co, Ltd.

Daisuke Ike

About Sakura Revolution

A young woman in a pink uniform posts before a white background.Sakura Revolution was originally announced via two dueling projects: Sega’s Project B.L.A.C.K. and Delightworks’ Nippon Dakkan, before both were revealed to be one and the same during a live streaming event on September 2, 2020. The title officially launched on December 15, 2020 at 15:00 JST, when it was added to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Play stores. The initial release included the first two main story chapters, which took players through Aogashima and the Kyushu and Chugoku regions. Chapter 3 officially debuted on January 12, 2021, taking Shino and the New Imperial Combat Revue to the Shikoku region. The game’s fourth chapter launched on April 22, 2021, and brought the team to the Kinki region.

The final chapter launched on May 26, 2021.

Analytics service App Annie reported that Sakura Revolution was the #2 most downloaded title in Japan’s iOS App Store and the top downloaded game on the Google Play store for December 2020.

On December 22, 2020, Sega Sammy announced that the title had reached 500,000 downloads. On January 21, 2021, Sega announced that the title crossed one million downloads. On February 22, 2021, Sega announced that Sakura Revolution officially crossed 1.5 million downloads.

On April 22, Sega announced that Sakura Revolution would end service on June 30.

The Combat Revue Review, in cooperation with members of the Taisho Cafe Discord group, are currently working to archive the game’s story, assets, and other elements as part of the Sakura Revolution Archive Project.


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