On December 13, maid cafe Made Mode announced that they will host the next of their ongoing streaming talk show series on January 9, 2022. The program, which is hosted by Akio Suyama (voice of Ichiro Ogami), will feature Soletta Orihime actor Maya Okamoto as a guest star. The program is slated to stream on Made Mode’s Twitcasting page, starting at 1:00PM JST (1/21/2021 at 11:00PM EST, 8:00PM PST).

Visual advertising the 1/9/2022 Made Mode live talk show program.

Made Mode has hosted more than a half-dozen talk shows of this nature throughout 2021. In each installment, Suyama served as host for casual interviews with various actors that Suyama has worked with throughout his career. The program’s hosted several actors from across the Sakura Wars franchise, including Urara Takano (Maria Tachibana), Mikoto Nakai (Shana Hiei), and Haruka Shamoto (Hatsuka Suminomiya).

The most recent show was held on December 12, and featured Sakura Revolution stars Moeka Kishimoto (Shino Sakura), Ayu Matsuura (Fuka Aoshima), and Yuko Natsuyoshi (Asebi Mikohama).