Illustration featuring the main cast members of the Sakura Wars franchise posing in a ring. Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine, and Gemini Sunrise stand at the center.On November 28, an official website opened its doors for a new series of art exhibitions for artist and illustrator Hidenori Matsubara. The three exhibitions, which are dubbed the “Sakura Wars Art Festival 2021 Plus”, will feature more than thirty original illustrations and prints from the Sakura Wars franchise.

Three locations are planned for the exhibitions:

  • Gallery Epicute (Tokyo): 12/23/2021 – 12/29/2021
  • BreezĂ© Plaza 8th floor 801.82 (Osaka): 1/7/2022 – 1/10/2022
  • Winc Aichi 6th floor 602/603 (Aichi): 1/21/2022 – 1/23/2022

Talk shows and autograph sessions are planned for each of the exhibitions, which will be available to ticketholders only. Tickets to an event hosted by Hidenori Matsubara will be given to the first 100 customers who purchase a Sakura Wars 2022 calendar at each exhibition.

The full schedule is as follows:

  • Akihabara UDX 4F Gallery NEXT1 (Tokyo): 12/26/2021 at 15:00 JST
  • BreezĂ© Plaza 8F 803/804 (Osaka): 1/10/2022 at 14:00 JST
  • Winc Aichi 6th floor 604 (Aichi): 1/23/2022 at 14:00 JST

In addition to the Matsubara shows, a talk show and autograph sessions hosted by members of the Sakura Wars cast will also be held. Tickets to the event will be awarded in a lottery to customers who buy more than 3,000 yen in merchandise. Like the Matsubara shows, 100 tickets will be given out at each exhibition.

The show will be held a Akihabara’s UDX 4F Gallery NEXT1 on December 30, at 14:00 JST. Chisa Yokoyama, Urara Takano, and Yuriko Fuchizaki will host the event.