On May 27, the official Sakura Wars website announced that the final two volumes of Oji Hiroi and Masa Ikku’s second Sakura Taisen manga series will ship to retailers in June. Volumes 8 and 9 of the series will hit stores on June 17, with suggested price tags of 660 yen each.

Cover Art

The cover for Volume 8 will feature a glowering image of Satan on the cover, while volume 9 will focus on Michael.

Volume 8

Cover Art for Sakura Taisen Manga Volume 8

Volume 9

Cover Art for Sakura Taisen Manga Volume 9


Sega describes the two volumes as:

The Imperial Combat Revue, led by Ichiro Ogami, shattered the ambitions of Tenkai’s Hive of Darkness. However, the danger faced by the Imperial Capital has not yet passed. Aoi Satan, one of the Lords of Death, has arisen as the true threat! The Floewr Division and Ichiro Ogami now must face their final battle for survival to determine the fate of the city! The finale for Sakura Taisen the Manga is here!

About the Sakura Taisen Manga

Sakura Taisen launched in the pages of Kodansha’s Magazine Z in 2002. Series creator Oji Hiroi wrote the work, which was illustrated by Masa Ikku. The series, which is based on the first game, originally completed its run in 2008, though the enduring popularity saw it renewed that would continue the story.

TOKYOPOP released Sakura Taisen in North America, and shipped the first seven volumes of the first series in English by 2008. They describe the title as:

Tokyo, 1921—After the horrific Demon War, Japan is a peaceful and prosperous place…with the occasional monstrous robot crashing around town. Not to worry; there’s always a lovely young girl waiting to cut down these robots, samurai-style. Ensign Ogami, a recent Naval Academy graduate, finds himself in Tokyo, assigned to the Imperial Theater as a ticket collector. Fairly clueless, he’s about to be swept away into a roiling world of robots, demons and beautiful girls in uniform.