Cover art for Sakura Wars' 2002 New Year's Kayo Show - Harukoi Shisumireyume NowakareOn December 24, Sega started streaming six Sakura Wars vocal albums on digital distribution platforms worldwide. The publisher added the soundtracks to seven live show to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and other platforms for streaming and digital purchase.

The list of albums includes:

  • Shinshun Kayou Show 2001 (2001 New Year Kayo Show)
  • Harukoi Shisumireyume Nowakare (Sumire Kanzaki’s Retirement Commemorative Performance, 2002 New Year Kayo Show)
  • Seven Lucky Gods (2003 New Year Kayo Show)
  • Laugh! Flower Division! (2005 New Year Kayo Show)
  • Soar High! Flower Division (2006 New Year Kayo Show)
  • Sakura Wars Paris Combat Revue & New York Combat Revue Live 2010 ~ Pretty Flowers Glittering Stars ~
  • Sakura Wars Live 2011: Inherit the Stars – New York Hoshigumi

Album Title

Shinshun Kayou Show 2001

Harukoi Shisumireyume Nowakare

Seven Lucky Gods

Laugh! Flower Division!

Soar High! Flower Division

Pretty Flowers Glittering Stars

Inherit the Stars – New York Hoshigumi

Sega announced that they would begin streaming Sakura Wars albums on September 30. In the original reveal, the publisher noted that they would stream the Sakura Wars 3 Official Soundtrack, Sakura Wars: Revue in Little Lip Theater IV, and the Pachisot Sakura Wars ~In Hot Blood~ Original Soundtrack as an opening salvo, with the remaining albums being rolled out gradually.

To date, thirty-one other albums have been added to the platform.