Content Warning: This event involves the use of gambling mechanics. AC Scratch tickets offer a random chance to win prizes and are (generally) paid for with real money.

It appears the Imperial Combat Revue is ready to fight evil in the final frontier. Earlier today, Sega announced that they’re launching a Sakura Wars crossover event in Phantasy Star Online. The event, titled “Sakura Memories”, will run from September 16 through October 14.

While Sakura Memories is underway, players will be free to explore a newly decorated lobby that features models of Sakura Amamiya’s Mk. III Kobu and Seijuro Kamiyama’s Mugen, as a rain of cherry blossoms flutter down from trees in bloom.

A large, open-air avenue lined with blooming cherry blossoms. A pink robot can be seen in the distance.

In addition to the new sights, players can enter to win cosmetic items, furnishings, and music disks based on characters from Sakura Wars via premium scratch tickets.

Sega released a 15-second trailer which shows off the prizes available:

About Scratch Tickets

The Sakura Wars prizes are primarily won through AC Scratch Tickets. AC Scratch Tickets are a paid tier of prizes, which require ARKS Cash (AC) to play. AC can be purchased through the Windows Store, Steam, or the Xbox Marketplace and is priced at $1.00 USD per 100AC.

Each Sakura Wars scratch ticket costs 200 AC, or $2.00 USD to play.

A price chart listing cost conversions for Phantasy Star Online's AC Premium Currency

The Prizes

The Sakura Memories prize pool includes costumes, hair accessories, emotes, weapon camouflages, and more, based on Sakura Shinguji, Sakura Amamiya, Ichiro Ogami, and Seijuro Kamiyama.




Weapon Camo


  • Sakura Wars A (#627)
  • Sakura Wars B (#628)


  • Sakura Wars Poster
  • Peanut

Music Disks

  • Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan <Shinshou>

Bonus Rewards

Customers who purchase multiple AC Scratch Tickets will receive additional prizes, depending on how many tickets they purchase, starting with draws. The full rewards list is as follows:

  • Hanasaku Otome (Music Disk, 5 Draws)
  • Yume no Tsuzuki (Music Disk, 10 Draws)
  • Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan (Music Disk, 15 Draws)
  • Device: Type-2 Kobu (Sakura Shinguji) (20 Draws)
  • Device: Type-2 Kobu (Ichiro Ogami) (25 Draws)
  • Sakura M Ticket (Scratch Ticket, 30 Draws)
  • Tokyo Bonus Key: Gold (Bonus Key, 40 Draws)
  • Ex TriBoost + 200% (Boost Item, 50 Draws)
  • Sakura M Ticket (Scratch Ticket, 60 Draws)
  • Sakura M Ticket (Scratch Ticket, 120 Draws)

Sega published visuals for the two Mag Devices, which you can check out below.

What Is Phantasy Star Online 2?

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The game made its debut in North America on Microsoft’s Xbox One console on April 14, before launching on PC on May 27. Since its release, the game has undergone six story seasons, with season 7 kicking off on September 2.

The game has players step into the shoes of a new recruit of ARKS: an organization tasked with surveying the ecosystems of various inhospitable planets, while maintaining a vigil for evil entities known as Falspawn, which aim to cast a pall of darkness over the known universe. Boarding a ship in the Oracle Starfleet, the player will join forces with other recruits to train, and ultimately do battle with the forces of darkness.


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