On September 2, Sega announced that they added two Sakura Wars music collections to digital streaming platforms. The publisher added the Sakura Wars Complete Song Box and the Sakura Wars Complete Song Collection 2002 – 2006 music collections to storefronts including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Unlimited.

The two collections include a total of 261 songs. Links to both collections are below. (Note: All links are to US storefronts. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Sega first announced that they would begin streaming Sakura Wars albums on September 30, 2020. In the original reveal, the publisher noted that they would stream the Sakura Wars 3 Official Soundtrack, Sakura Wars: Revue in Little Lip Theater IV, and the Pachisot Sakura Wars ~In Hot Blood~ Original Soundtrack as an opening salvo, with the remaining albums being rolled out gradually.

To date, eighty-one other Sakura Wars albums have been added to the platform.