On November 4, Bandai Spirits announced that they will release a HG 1/24 model kit based on Sakura Amamiya’s Spiricle Striker Obu Prototype. The kit is slated to ship to retailers in February 2021, with a suggested retail price of 5,830 yen ($56.20 USD).

Bandai released a trailer for the HG 1/24 Sakura Wars line, which showcases the Obu, along with the rest of the units in the series.


The Obu prototype model will reproduce the expanding wing foils that appear at the top of the unit.

Photograph of a plastic robot model demonstrating its opposable wing features.

Furthermore, the kit will include a replica of the unit’s katana, as well as the scabbard that appears on its side.

Photo of a plastic replica sword that ships with the HG 1/24 Sakura Amamiya Obu Prototype model kit.

Much like previous models in the line, the Obu Prototype HG 1/24 will feature articulated joints, as well as an openable cockpit. The kit will include an unpainted version of pilot Sakura Amamiya, which will sit inside.

Photograph of an unpainted anime character figure seated inside a plastic robot model.

This is the sixth model in the Sakura Wars (2019) HG 1/24 series. Previous model kits include the Spiricle Strikers for Sakura Amamiya, Seijuro Kamiyama, and Azami Mochizuki. A model based on Anastasia Palma’s Mugen will ship to stores in November, while a model based on Claris’ Mugen will hit stores in January 2021.

In January 2020, Bandai shipped HG 1/20 models for Sakura Shinguji and Ichiro Ogami’s Kobu Kai units. These were followed up by the release of the HG 1/20 Sumire Kanzaki.