On November 4, the official English Twitter account for the Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight Re-LIVE- smartphone game announced that the title’s recent Sakura Wars crossover will get a global release. The event, which launches on November 5 at 7:00 UTC (4:00AM EDT / 1:00AM PDT) will see Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine, and and Gemini Sunrise appear as playable units.

According to the app’s official news section, the new event will be titled “Gracefully Blossoming Maidens.” It will feature an event-exclusive story, and players will earn rewards by clearing each stage.

Screenshot from Revue Starlight Re-LIVE that includes a banner for the upcoming "Gracefully Blossoming Maidens" event.

The app describes the event as:

Karen, Hikari, and Mahiru put everything into their rehearsals for the “New Urashima Taro Contest.”

The tamatebako prop opens and light streams out to reveal…!?

“Gracefully Blossoming Maidens” originally debuted in the Japanese version of Revue Starlight Re-LIVE- on September 16.

Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight Re-LIVE- is a mobile game based on Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight . The title, which was developed by Ateam and Bushiroad, launched on October 22, 2018. An English version was released worldwide on April 22, 2019.