On October 25, the SegaXtreme forums updated with a new post by user TrekkiesUnite118, to announce the release of a new fan translation effort. The post revealed a new collaborative project, based on Sega’s Bootleg Sampler 2 Saturn demo disc. The project, named the Bootleg Sampler 3, is a showcase of several recent translation projects from the Saturn fan translation community.

As part of the release, the Sakura Wars Fan Translation team produced a full translation for Sakura Wars‘ demo from the 1996 Tokyo Game Show.

The full game list is as follows:


  • Sakura Wars (Sakura Wars Translation Team)
  • Tank Game (ReyeMe)
  • Cube Cat (7Shades)
  • Sonic Z-Treme (XL2)
  • Ninja Penguin Manmaru (Ninja Penguin Manmaru Translation)


  • Policenauts (JunkerHQ)
  • Grandia (TrekkiesUnite118)
  • Lunar Silver Star Story (Mr. Conan)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling (Malenko)
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night (KnightOfDragon)

A teaser for the disc was published to celebrate the release, which you can check out below.

The full translation is available via SegaXtreme’s website.


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