On November 11, the official Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage website updated with cast visuals for the main characters in Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage ~Two Flames~. Each photo features the actor in their full stage costumes, set against a colored background.

Shin Sakura Taisen the Stage ~Two Flames~ will be held at Tokyo’s Theatre 1010, from December 17 – 19, 2021. Six performances are planned for the show, two of which will be held on each day.

The members of the Imperial, Shanghai, and London Combat Revues pose with their weapons against a dawn sky, as red and yellow flames roar up behind them.The main cast includes:

  • Yuna Sekine (Sakura Amamiya)
  • Rina Takahashi (Hatsuho Shinonome)
  • Yui Kanchiku (Azami Mochizuki)
  • Juri Hirayu (Anastasia Palma)
  • Natsume Oki (Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake)
  • Moemi Katayama (Sumire Kanzaki)
  • Mariko Honjo (Yang Xiaolong)
  • Nishida Hirai (Yui Huang)
  • Kaede (Arthur)
  • Honoha Komatsu (Lancelot)
  • Yohei Azakami (Seijuro Kamiyama)


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