On September 13, the official Twitter account for the Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight Re-LIVE- smartphone game announced that the title will host a crossover campaign with Sakura Wars. The event, which begins on September 16 at 16:00 JST (3:00AM EDT / Midnight PDT), will see Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine, and and Gemini Sunrise appear as playable units.

To celebrate the event, the game will host a daily gacha ticket giveaway. Players will be able to spin a roulette wheel once per day to win free pulls. Up to ten tickets can be won per spin.

Portrait of Sakura Shinguji, who stands beside a roulette wheel flanked with gacha tickets.

In addition, Bushiroad is hosting a retweet campaign on Twitter. Players who follow the official Starlight Revue Live Twitter account and Retweet relevant tweets by September 16 will be entered to win a Shikishi board that’s been signed by either Chisa Yokoyama (Sakura Shinguji), Noriko Hidaka (Erica Fontaine), or Sanae Kobayashi (Gemini Sunrise).

The first tweet, for Chisa Yokoyama’s autograph, went live on September 13. The Erica and Gemini tweets will be published September 14 and 15, respectively.

Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight Re-LIVE- is a mobile game based on Kageki Shojo Revue Starlight. The title, which was developed by Ateam and Bushiroad, launched on October 22, 2018. An English version was released worldwide on April 22, 2019.