On November 28, art gallery Gallery Epicute’s official website updated with details on an upcoming exhibition of Sakura Wars art. The show, titled the “Sakura Wars Art Gallery 2020“, will be held at Gallery Epicute from December 18 through December 27.

About the Event

Art Exhibition

The exhibition will feature thirty (30) original works by Sakura Wars character designer Hidenori Matsubara, which depict characters from the Sakura Wars franchise. Epicute showed off three sample images, which feature Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine, and Gemini Sunrise. You can check all three out below.

In addition to the exhibition, the gallery will sell exclusive merchandise for the event. Items on sale will include a 2021 calendar (1,650 yen), postcards, and color art boards.


Hidenori Matsubara will attend the event on December 27. He is currently slated to host a talk show presentation, which will begin at 15:00 JST. This will be followed by an autograph session, which will be open to the first 100 customers who purchase a Sakura Wars 2021 calendar at the show (1,650 yen).