Update 6/8/2022, 10:34PM: An updated proof-of-concept video was released on May 26. We have updated our coverage to include the new video.

Full Disclosure: Samantha Ferreira is a member of the Taisho Romanization team.

On May 18, fan translation group Taisho Romanization announced that they are working on a fan translation for Dreamcast game Sakura Wars 3. The team is working to translate all major text and graphics within the game, though a specific release date has not been announced as of press time.

The team presented a proof of concept video, which highlights an early exchange between Ogami and Erica.

On June 6, Taisho Romanization posted a progress report, highlighting updates to the battle graphics, explaining that the icons were stored in a non-standard format.

English screenshot from Sakura Wars 3 showcasing English menus.

The Team

In a tweet on May 26, the Taisho Romanization team announced that their team consists of the following members:

Bluebird is the lead translator on the project.