“The Space Cadet and the Sea of Stars” (Chuu no Shoujo to Hoshi no Umi) was an event that ran in early 2021, starring Hoshihara Souka of the Soragumi (Space Division).

Souka and the other Space Division members are drawn to a strange cave where robotic bears are being produced, but is there more to it than that…?

This event introduced Souka to the gacha. Her introductory video is below, and is also in the Gacha Videos section.


Story Sections


Souka’s message on the map of Japan. “Always – to space!”



Chapter 1: Girls of the Space Division

Kogane’s message on the map of Japan. “It was a wonderful adventure!”

Chapter 2: The Bear Planet


Chapter 3: The Super-Ancient Civilization’s Riddle


Chapter 4: Bear-Bots in the Sky

Mana’s message on the map of Japan. “Commander, we can’t miss this chance for a shot!”


Chapter 5: The Maiden Who Inherits the Stars


Nanako’s message on the map of Japan. “Animal power!! Grrroooar!”

Epilogue: On the Star-Struck Island


Free Quest: Before Leaving Tanegashima